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Series: Facial Treatment

The device is equipped with a very reliable security system SCS (Safety Control System), which ensures that thecurrent from the grid cannot get up to a plasma generator in any way and cannot injure the client.
One of the many elements as safety is provided as a wrist safety bracelet. The client must wear it throughout the whole treatment to prevent accidental discharge. The unit itself is able to keep an eye on whether the client is grounded with this bracelet. If not, the device indicates a problem with the red LED and plasma generator shuts down immediately.

• Small size
• Safety control system
• Modern design
• Easy to use
• Very effective

Code ID   PL8737

Size   Unit


JETT PLASMA LIFT uses a new technology of skin treatment – by plasma discharge.
Plasma is an ionized gas composed of ions and electrons, which is created by the separation of electrons from the electron shell of gas atoms or molecule rupture (ionization). The plasma discharge can induce ions to change the position or to pass through the membrane when the voltage of the cell membrane increases membrane is stretched.

JETT PLASMA LIFT is a modern cosmetics machine developed and produced in Czech Republic. It uses the revolution technology for the professional cosmetic treatment. The results of the machine JETT PLASMA LIFT are visible to the naked eye immediately after the treatment.

The machine is not medical device and it is not aimed at healing or monitoring the illnesses.
The machine is intended only for the professional using in cosmetic and beauty salons.
The machine can be used by cosmeticians and masseurs as apart of their businesses.


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