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AMICA BEAUTY SUPPLIES CO. undergoes a history of 20 years. Since it was opened for business in 1986, AMICA BEAUTY SUPPLIES CO. has been acting as an agent for and has been dealing by wholesale quality beauty and skin care products, beauty instruments, and daily necessities for beauty salon. Its products are largely sold to beauty salon as well.

"Although we cannot be counted as a large company and we do not have a superb collection of what we are acting for, our products are well spoken of by their high quality and reliability. They have won popular praise of the beauty industry while we sell them with our sincerity and by a non-exaggerative mode. In the light of the above sales policy, we will fulfill the following processes before launching any new product: Market investigation: product appearance and appeal, demand, price competitiveness, etc.

Product test: product efficiency and serviceability, product afeness (shall be up to international safety standard), etc. The product can only be launched into the market until there leaves nothing in marketing and after service to be desired. Such is our deliberation to each piece of quality product which is carefully selected.

Friendship, advices supports and encouragement from all circles, which lead to our improvement and advancement. We will spare no efforts to seek for ever greater perfection. It is our expectation to rank among the strong import and export agents in Asia. Along with the opening of the domesticmarket, we will input much more resources to exploit and market.We welcome foreign and domestic manufacturers and users to make inquiries about agency and offer their precious advices."