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About Space Skin Alpha
The gift from space, in which we blend these naturally ionized minerals with modern bio- technology to produce the perfect esthetic skin care products, “WHITENING SOURCE SPACE SKIN ALPHA” is a total body pack natural cream.
The ionized minerals used in the Monreve Ion Skin Care Products are extracted from the Shotuko Stone, found thus far in just one secluded area of Japan and uniquely close in chemical composition to the basic building blocks of the human body.
The main active ingredients of these products include 18 different ionized minerals: iron, manganese, silicon, chlorine, sodium, calcium, magnesium, oxyde boron, hydrogen, potassium, cabalt, hydro sulfate, iron sulfate, hydrophosphate, fluorine, carbon, zinc, iodine and vitamins A and E. Each has its special contribution to health for instance..
The amazing ability of ions to stimulate the skin’s natural self-renewal system.
1) When the metabolism of skin cells is stimulated, it quickens the circulation of the blood, increasing the ability of each skin cell to absorb the nutrients of the body, The skin begins moisturized look.
2) The ion layer player plays the role of a screening film, preventing excess exposure to he sun’s ultra-violet rays, thus reducing the process of melanosis, or the production of color spots.
3) The skin is kept clean and free of pollutants. Then, when sufficient ions are absorbed into the ion layer, (1).(2). and (3) function together to make the skin healthy and attractive.
Monreve natural ionized formulated skin care system is registered in the Japanese Health Drug and welfare ministry as the drug cosmetics by its effectiveness. All products have been registered with the US. FDA.